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84-year-old photo book found in Lake Davis home’s attic

Here in the Lake Davis/Greenwood neighborhood, many of us live in historically quaint homes.  Many of these homes have been lived in for years and years by the same family. And many have been remodeled to accommodate the living style of the current residents.

My next-door neighbors, Christine and Joe Bramuchi, have lived in their home for 25 years and are currently in the middle of a major kitchen/family room remodel. As you can imagine, walls have come down, new walls have gone up and part of the ceiling has come down to allow for new wiring, duct work, etc.

One of the unexpected things that came down with the ceiling was a book, which the construction crew set aside. Christine discovered the book when she came home later that day and, to her amazement, it was a baby book from 1938 full of pristine black-and-white photos of the infant son of the home’s original owners, the Coulter family.

The book was packed with photos from cover to cover with extras stuck between the pages. The meticulous schoolteacher handwriting of the baby’s mother, Maude, gave it that memorable touch.

This special book was in excellent condition after spending years in the attic. Christine carefully photographed each page (just because and just what if), wrapped it and mailed the book to the baby who is now 84 years old and living in Kansas.

Needless to say, Tom Coulter was very excited when his baby book arrived in his mailbox — a book he had never seen before or even knew existed. He phoned to say he received it and was proud to say that he knew the names of all the faces in every photo staring back at him. He and his daughter had a wonderful time poring through this wonderful keepsake.

So … what is in your attic?

a baby book from 1938

Lake Davis/Greenwood residents Christine and Joe Bramuchi discovered a 1938 baby book in the attic of their historic home during a remodel. The baby is 84-year-old Tom Coulter. (PHOTOS COURTESY OF TOM COULTER)

black-and-white image of mother and baby in 1938 black-and-white photo pasted into 1938 baby book with color illustration baby book Christening Day photos yellowed page from 1938 photo album

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