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Milk District neighbors clean up ‘General Graham’ tree

A large oak tree that inhabits a median on North Graham Avenue in the Milk District has been spruced up thanks to the efforts of Milk District Neighborhood Association volunteers.

The “General Graham” oak tree is a landmark in the Milk District neighborhood as the tree that greets many residents who enter the area via North Graham Avenue from East Robinson Street. The MDNA’s president, Elizabeth Chastain Hardin, said the General Graham tree is a passion project of the neighborhood association.

Milk District Neighborhood Association members clean the median home to the “General Graham” oak tree. (COURTESY OF MILK DISTRICT NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION)

On the morning of Sunday, March 5, neighborhood association members Elizabeth Chastain Hardin, her husband Chris Hardin, Nicole Dupre and Amy Huizenga cleaned the traffic median where the tree lives and planted Florida native plants.

Elizabeth Chastain Hardin said an eventual goal for the neighborhood is to establish the General Graham median as Orlando’s smallest park and to light the tree, but City support and volunteers are needed to reach these goals.

The Milk District Neighborhood Association has been very active recently: The neighborhood’s name was officially changed from East Central Park to the Milk District neighborhood, a Little Free Library was installed in Cherry Tree Park, and the annual Holiday Lights Bike Ride was re-established. Stay up to date with the Milk District neighborhood by following the association’s Facebook page to learn about upcoming events and how to get involved.

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